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Provincial team W968 - Letters

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Shakehand FLChinese Penhold
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Provincial team W968 - Letters

W968 is specially designed for Chinese National Team player Ma Long. Suited for his technique that performs loop drive on both sides, the later developed non-organic blade has a structure adhering 5 layers wood and 2 layers carbon fiber by the new type adhesion. The blade is made of high quality imported wood after it is complete dry. Compared with DHS Power G 3 7-layers Spiecal 506, the sweet area is larger and the bounce is more regular due to the additional 2 layers of carbon fiber. It enables players defend more efficiently against a loop and borrow more power. It can offer as good control as 7-layers Special 506, while it is easier to flip near the net than Special 506. Also, the loop performance is great from mid of the table or near the net. It has higher first speed than Special 506, while it has the same stability when defending topspin from middle of the table or off-court play. Meanwhile, W968 has remarkable second speed; its arc track after double bounce is more aggressive than Special 506, while the rebound power is as great as Special 506.

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