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How CHN national team re-tune factory tuned rubber

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How CHN national team re-tune factory tuned rubber

The special method to use rubber booster adopted by Chinese National Team (suitable for a factory tuned rubber)

Many players think Neo National rubber sheet is quite stiff and firm, which is greatly caused by its tuned methods of the factory. Here is the secret method you are looking for----how national players re-tune a factory tuned rubber.

1. Do not remove the glue that left on the sponge.

2. It is better to dry Neo Hurricane in the air for several days after it is unpacked. Usually the sponge was not dry enough when it was packed, as they had been put a thick layer of booster oil on the sponge’s cover.

3. Firstly put a layer of oil onto the sponge and wait till it is dry enough. Be patient, it may take 1 or 2 days to wait even though the rubber is slightly shrunk. Then put another layer of oil and wait for at least 1day.

4. Secondly, put a medium layer of water-based glue onto the sponge. The brand of the glue doesn’t really matter its performance.

5. Finally blow the sponge until the glue is dry enough. Put another layer of oil onto the sponge. Allow the sponge air dry completely and wait for almost one night. Then glue the rubber onto your blade.


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