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Oil boosting technique(suitable for untuned rubber

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Oil boosting technique(suitable for untuned rubber

Here is a checklist of boosting materials:

  • A bottle of inorganic glue
  • A bottle of booster oil
  • An electrical balance
  • A venial caliper (not necessary for amateur players)

The boosting technique is listed as below.(The method is adopted by Chinese National Team and is for your reference only.)

First and foremost, a successful boosting is not based on individual’s experience, but is linked with the boosting weight as an important index in the whole procedure.

1. Weigh the rubber sheet before you applying a booster by using your electrical scale.

2. First, brush a layer of inorganic glue from top to bottom, from left to right; remember the width of your brush so that all the sponge cover has been applied one layer of oil. Finish the process and then its weight may increases by about 1 gram.

3. Repeat Step 2 once or twice until the weight of inorganic glue increases by about 3 grams.

4. Put a layer of oil in the same way as brush the inorganic glue.  Repeat that step until its weight increases by about 3 grams. (Finally, original rubber sheet+3g inorganic glue+3g oil)

5. At last, the weight of rubber sheet shall be increased by about 5 or 6 grams. A proper weight is the key to evaluate a boosted rubber sheet.

6. A super thick rubber sheet is not acceptable. Measured by a venial caliper, the thickness shall be within the range of 3.95 to 3.98cm in order to achieve a better performance.

7. As the weather can be quite different in different regions, how long you may wait for it to take effect is based upon the real situation.


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