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National team 506 - numbers

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National team 506 - numbers

Specially made 506, a blade used by Ma Long who achieved his 51 successive victories, also a former version of W968

Specially made 506 was a classic blade, which is made of seven-layer solid wood manufactured by big core (Da xin)board. It allows the blade made faster attacks compared with the traditional 5-layer wood blade, while solving the shortage of seven-layer wood that eating a ball to a lesser extent and spinning weakly.

It is made of the imported high-quality wood with clear lines and even colors texture. The air holes are close together and look as straight as a military parade, ensuring an even power distribution and reliable hand feeling when looping the ball. Since 2015, 506 is adopted an improved glue in order to adapt the 40+ ball rule. Will you try to have the same hand feel as Ma Long achieved his 51th successive victories? 506 will bring you an excellent experience in table tennis game !


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