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Sword Super ALC

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Brand : Sword
Weight : 300 g
Blades :
Shakehand FLChinese Penhold
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Sword Super ALC

Model:Sword Super ALC

Weight : Shankhand  91-94g / Penhold 83-87g

Thickness : Shankhand 5.8mm /  Penhold  6.0mm

Structure : 7 PLY

( Walnut + Ayous + Arylate Carbon + Paulownia wood ) Inner carbon

Sword Super ALC is special Designed for many of Chinese provincial team player used.  The new structure combination blade  give greater short ball control,  faster speed and more power attack to play in 40+ plastic ball.

NRF ( Nano Rubber Filled ) Technology

NRF technology is will be very fine nano rubber to fill the gap between the fiber and the fiber, the cracks in the wood and wood ,For  support 40 + era blade  need more strength, also NRF technology can effectively the maintain floor of high elastic aging, to avoid the that bottom is crisp and feel weak floor phenomenon.

Arylate carbon in red dots you can imagine for nano rubber particles, we can imagine thousands of nanometer rubber particle filled to between Arylate carbon gap and put all the gap filled to prop up the scene, the NRF by in the wood floor is the same reason. NRF technology will become the biggest highlight of 2016 swod! At the same time also made a major breakthrough in technology!


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