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DianChi Super internal energy "D" board Tuned

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Brand : DianChi
Weight : 100 g
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Black 2.2mm 40Black 2.2mm 39Red 2.1mm 39Black 2.1mm 39
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DianChi Super internal energy "D" board Tuned

This is the Chinese national team player Hou YingChao and Jiang TianYi trial DianChi rubber video.

Hou YingChao said : This rubber can create more spin and easy to control.

Jiang TianYi said : The rubber is sticky and good feeling.

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Please note:  The rubber in red color only available in 2.1mm 38, 39 degree.

This set of adhesive coating of any glue and expansion agent.

Super internal energy "D" board -- Tuned

Unique technology makes perfect combination of the sponge's energy and the stickiness of the rubber, which ensures Brand Dian Chi "D" Board to be in a highly prepared state at any time. When batting, the energy of the board can getfully steady release.


Powerful board strength, high speed of ball sending-out, great viscosity, and fickle curves. Perfect expression of speed, spin and power with most strong attack.

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