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Star National Hurricane 3 BH rubber ( SALE )

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    The Product is equipped as forehand rubber by Chen Jian’an, one of a new generation of Taiwanese Table Tennis Player.

    The sheet is made of purplish red sponge and non sticky rubber. This high-quality sheet is characteristic combining the fine and smooth sponge with the flexible and shiny rubber. In the new era of 40+ ball, players has to change a suitable sheet as the big ball slow down the game. This sticky rubber perfectly matches the cake sponge, which is suitable for players who used to equip with Hurricane sheet. The rubber performs excellent in big ball game.

    "National Evolution Rubber Sheet" is an improved version for Chinese National Team secretly developed byTIBHAR Corp.  It was initially equipped by a few professional players of European team, like Samsonov and Samara. They have made excellent achievement with this sheet due to its high performance. For a long time, this sheet has not been known by the world as a unique secret weapon of European players against their Chinese rivals. In 2014, Chinese general agent of TIBHAR Corp., Chaofeng Sports Corp. has made great effort to urge the headquarter allowing a limited quantity of “National Evolution Rubber Sheet” to supply in China.

    Compared “the National Evolution Rubber Sheet” with “the Commercial Evolution Rubber Sheet”, the package of National one is different from the other one. In an apparent position, there is a sign that indicts the hardness of the sponges, which are designated by two types: 47.5 degree and 50 degree. There is no hardness sign in the commercial sheet. In addition, the underlying pip of the national one is thicker than that of the commercial one, which makes the greater friction force and elasticity. Finally, there is a little different of the Japanese Kana words in the lower right corner compared to the commercial one.


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