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Tibhar Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon Inner

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Chinese Penhold
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Tibhar Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon Inner

The blade Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon is as extraordinary as its homonym. Developed with the experts from TIBHAR according to the wishes of the young penholder player from France. The blended fabric of layers of synthetic carbon fibres placed directly around the core veneer provides the high stiffness that a fast-attacking blade requires. This positioning, however, results in a longer and more sensitive contact with the ball, in contrast to the outer layers of fabric. This blade is perfectly adapted to players who privilege a fast and attacking game.

The blended fabric of Hyper Carbon from TIBHAR is ideal for those looking for the catapult effect and stability of carbon, but who also value good ball feedback. With the Hyper Carbon Inner, two-layers of carbon mixed with synthetic fibres are placed directly around the core veneer. This results in a blade that can handle powerful attacking balls as well as sensitive and varied strokes.


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