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Hai Fu National Custom-made Oil Booster 100ml

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Hai Fu National Custom-made Oil Booster 100ml

China national team use

Haifu  Booster 

Please note: All express shipping(DHL or EMS) are not allow to ship liquid, therefore it can only be shipped with small pack, this usually takes about a month to arrive. Please be patient.

As a non-commercial version, the product is a previous version of Haifu previous version Oil currently used by Chinese National Athletes. It can be expanded well and absorbed fully into the sponge by applying it. The oil enables players loop the ball stronger with a powerful spin and the hand feeling is better. Most of all, VOC FREE.

The black one has better performance which exerts a much stronger friction power on the ball, while it takes a longer time to air dry the rubber. The yellow one has better hand feeling.

The aim of this product is to expand the sponge. Generally it shall be used together with inorganic glue.


Step 1: evently glue on preglued sponge and racket.

Step 2: naturally dried need about 12-24 hours according to environment or dried by hot wind after two hours.

Step 3: adhibit

Specialty: high elasticity, fast speed,effect last for 7 days.

Applicability: hard and soft sponge


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