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Hurriance 9

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Hurriance 9

Hurricane 9-Colorful series, featuring classic high-stickiness, adopts flexible pimples to make suitable for different types of sponge, bringing diversified styles.

Hurriance 9-Blue, equipped with 22# blue sponge, is great at "strength". It can hit super power and speed in the hands of powerful players especially, while having excellent control and loop drive.

Hurriance 9-Pink, equipped with 20# sponge, is great at "spinning", with stable and high-speed arcing ability as well as rich arc changes. It can exert powerful performance of quick-attack and loop drive in close and middle table.

Hurriance 9-Green and Hurricane 9-Violet, equipped with 80# soft high-elastic macroporous sponge, is great at "change". Small and medium strength can bring multiple levels of hitting. With its fast deformation recovery, fast speed, and swift changes, it performs well in continuous attack.


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