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LIDU oil booster 150ml

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LIDU oil booster 150ml

Please note: All express shipping(DHL or EMS) are not allow to ship liquid, therefore it can only be shipped with small pack, this usually takes about a month to arrive. Please be patient.

LIDU oil booster is VOC free and complies with ITTF.

Yellow color : 

It can raise the elasticity of the rubber and allow players make a powerful hit. The hitting sound is a little dull. It shows better performance in mid-table rally. Suitable for male player or female player who has strong power.

White color:

It allows your rubber have a better elasticity as well as a speed increase. Suitable for close table players, pimples players and female players. The hitting sound is clear.

Speciaity: high elasticity, fast speed, effect last for 20 days.


step 1: Evenly paint about 1 - 3 times one the sponge

step 2: naturally dried, need about 30 miuntes - 2 hours, according to environment or dried by hot wind.


The sponge only can be used after the adhensive is totally dried.


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