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Ma Long's Backhand rubber

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Ma Long's Backhand rubber

P / N : National H3 N0.20 Sponge Tuned -- specifically made for Ma Long's Backhand Rubber

Sponge color : Orange

Sponge thickness : 2.1mm

Rubber color : Red

Hardness : 37 degree

Notice: There is no package. If you mind it indeed, please do not place an order. Thanks for your understanding.

National Hurricane 3 No.20 Sponge which used by Ma Long as backhand rubber in RIO Olympic Games 2016, can generate powerful spin, and makes a ball dive down after double bounces. With gluing or boosting oil, the rubber can drive more power. No doubt it is a great rubber you can't miss !

As DHS Official Microblog said , "Ma Long has equiped his new backhand sponge, No.20 sponge Hurricane 3, thickness 2.1mm and hardness 37 degree, in order to adapt the new ball rules. He is the first national team player who replace the sponge for this reason."


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