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Master Long Pimple OX Limited Edition

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Master Long Pimple OX Limited Edition

Master Long Pimple Limited Edition

Defensive: 10

Attack: 10

       The limited edition of Master Long Pimple (MLP) is also known as the "ultimate edition", which have a long of research and testing improvement results by Kingdom of Long Pimple and Saviga China Company's research team. It reaches the ITTF and CTTA's limitation, which is 10 particles per centimeter is allowed by the rules of the ITTF and CTTA. It's performance gather all the advantages of Master Long Pimple I, Master Long Pimple II, Master Long Pimple III, Master Long Pimple IV, at the same game time it avoids the disadvantages of these four models and obtain the very good balance. It is the perfect combination of performance and rules. It is the very good choice of the players who pursuit of performance and always attend the regular game on a regular basis.


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