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NEO Provincial H3 Orange Sponge

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Brand : DHS
Weight : 100 g
Hardness :
Red 2.2mm 40Red 2.2mm 39Black 2.2mm 40Black 2.2mm 39Red 2.15mm 39Red 2.15mm 40Black 2.15mm 39Black 2.15mm 40Red 2.1mm 37Red 2.1mm 39Red 2.1mm 40Red 2.15mm 40Black 2.1mm 38Black 2.1mm 39Black 2.1mm 40Black 2.1mm 41
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NEO Provincial H3 Orange Sponge

Model  :NEO Provincial  Hurricane3

Sponge color : Orange

Sponge thickness : 2.1mm

Rubber color :  Black / Red

Hardness : 37 / 38 / 39 / 40 / 41 degree

Neo has a layer in the bottom handled by the factory, which means the sponge has been chemically expanded to make it easily use.

There is serial code on the sponge, you can go on the DHS website to verify online.


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