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National Skyline 2 blue sponge

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National Skyline 2 blue sponge

P / N : National Skyline2 specifically made for Ma Lin & Xu Xin rubber

Sponge color : Blue

Sponge thickness : 2.1mm

Rubber color : Black

Hardness : 41 degree

Please note : This rubber with no package!

The SKYLINE 2, which is custom-made for the professional team, is no code printed on the sponge. In addition, parts of the sponges have some tiny holes in it, which does not affect the performance of the product. If you mind it indeed, please do not place an order. And we would not accept the request of refund or return caused by that. Thank you for your cooperation.

The product is absolutely authentic. Comparatively speaking, the blue sponge is more brittler than the orange one, which is better for a player to borrow power from opponent's stroke and block the ball. While the orange sponge is easier to strike through the paddle than the blue one. If your physical strength is strong enough to hit a powerful ball, the blue sponge can make the ball sink obviously after two jump down .

The layer of a new rubber should be thick enough, or you would probably feel it weak. We suggest the perfect way is that you brush a layer of inorganic glue in the bottom and then brush the booster. If you prefer organic glue, you can put a layer of inorganic glue twice before you brush a layer of the organic glue.


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