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DHS Grip Tape 2.0mm

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DHS Grip Tape 2.0mm

Product: DHS Grip Tape

Model: RP22    Thickness: 2mm

Similar to a tennis wrap.

The Soft Grip provides comfort and additional thickness to the racket handle.

The DHS logo is imprinted on the grip.


1. Place the end of overgip on the corner of the handle and begin to wrap from left to right. Make sure you wrap the second round overlapping the first one working the way down the handle. 

2.  Hold the overgrip tightly and spin the racket so that you can keep the grip very taut to avoid wrinkles. Ensure that the second layer overlap the last one by 1/8.

3.  Cut the extra grip and keep the end as straight and smooth as possible.

4.  Apply the adhesive tape to the handle rim, making sure that the end of grip is in the middle of the tape.


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