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National H3 Blue Sponge

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Neo National Hurricane3 Blue sponge

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National H3 Blue Sponge

Model  :  National Hurricane 3(untuned)

Sponge color : Blue

Sponge thickness : 2.15mm

Rubber color :  Black

Hardness : 40 Degree 41 Degree

Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge is currently equipped as their FH rubber by Ma Long, Zhang Jike and Xu Xin, major players in Chinese TT Teams. Hurricane 3 is still a standard FH rubber for most national players in the era of Polyball.

This rubber with no package, no digital words and numbers printed on the sponge is specific version which is only used in training for player training.

Warm notice:

Blue sponge has limited service life. In general, its service period is shorter than orange ones, especially for those rackets that had more explosive power and experienced many pwerful strikes. In this situation, you may find air bubble appear depends on the individual experiences related to its hitting power and using frequency. Some may occur after using for 1 or 2 years, others may occur just 1 week later after he uses it. Therefore, please purchase the product according to your own situation and we will take no responsibility for anything about the bubble. Thanks for your understanding!


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