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N0.22 Provincial Hurricane 3 Blue sponge

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N0.22 Provincial Hurricane 3 Blue sponge

P / N : Provincial Hurricane 3 No.22 Blue sponge

Sponge color : Blue

Sponge thickness : 2.15mm / 2.2mm

Rubber color : Black

Hardness : 39-41 degree

The No.22 sponge is only equipped by the lead players in the national team.

Hurricane 3 can available solve the technical problem caused by adapting the ball in diameter of 40mm. Meanwhile it is specifically designed for players who mainly focus on controlling the ball as well as who are comparatively lacking in strength. By using this product, when you serve the ball, the feeling of heavy forcewould be decreased and the loop arc gets longer. Also, it’s good for ball control, court-drive and powerful loop. Though there is only 2mm larger in diameter, 40mm ball adds weights obviously when you serve it. Generally serving strength is improved by fitness training, which can not be the key method. The more reasonable solution is the mix of training their comprehensive applications of technique, like acceleration and angels of driving the ball, and adapting updated equipment.

The heavy sense in serve can be decreased by using Hurricane 3 due to its remarkable performance of ball control. Players could strike powerfully with the help of the rubber but not simply using their body strength. Hitting balls with the same power level, the big-size ball moves less faster and the loop arc is shorter compared to the small-size one. However, using the Hurricane 3 makes the arc longer, while the ball jumps on the table with fast speed and strong spin when reaching the end line. That is what we call ‘the fast second speed’.In the meanwhile,  the speed and the spin of the ball is delayed obviously, the ball keeps spinning forward.

2018 rubber new printing


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