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DHS Anti-counterfeiting code Verification

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DHS Anti-counterfeiting code Verification

Dear All:

    As there are so many clone / fake DHS product on the market, here is a simple tutorial to let you know how you can verify your product online.

Be noted that:

     Serial code system is only providing for Rubbers, Blades & Factory-made Rackets only. For all balls and other products, there is no serial code system yet.

     Each serial code is unique and applicable for the first time only. Repeated submission will popup negative results. Therefore it is not possible to reproduce a serial code.

     You may need a translator to help you reading the results, as it is only available in Chinese.

First of all, of course you need to find the serial patch, which is usually attached to the product itself or sometimes outside the package.

Like this:

      You need to scratch the silver coding to get hidden code.

Webpage to submit your code:  http://www.dhs-sports.com/search.shtml

RESULT 1: AUTHENTIC(first query)

RESULT 2: Query before

RESULT 3: Fake


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