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Xu Xin personal TG2 - 42 degree

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2020 Provincial team W968 - Letters

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Xu Xin personal TG2 - 42 degree

3 pieces available

Model  :Xu Xin personal TG2

Sponge color : Blue

Sponge thickness : 2.1mm

Rubber color :  Black

Hardness : 42 degree

This Skyline 2 version is used by Xu Xin himself in Olympics Table Tennis Championships in Rio 2016.

Chinese National Team Penholders such as Wang Hao, Ma Lin, Xu Xin are used Skyline with big characters in the middle. Penholders are required to have a better sense of touch as well as a better control ability. The surface of Skyline with big characters is sticky, which enables players get a better control near the net and allows a ball to dive down onto the table. Therefore, players can gain the control within the first three strokes.

This rubber is very rare, please contact us before order !

 If you have any questions on rubber selection or other relevant questions , please free contact me , I am very glad to answer your questions.


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