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National Hurricane 3 60#sponge

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National Hurricane 3 60#sponge

P / N : National Hurricane 3 specifically made for Xu Xin's Backhand Rubber

Sponge color : Orange

Sponge thickness : 2.1mm

Rubber color : Red / Black

Hardness : 37 - 39 degree

Please note : This rubber with no package!

This rubber sheet, now equipped by Xu Xin, a lead national player for backhand rubber, is made of Hurricane 3 rubber and gently elastic 60# cake sponge. The rubber can regain its shape quickly during the attack. Also, with its help, a player can produce continuous and strong loop attack.  Please be note that stock is limited.

N0.60 sponge provides outstanding speed and elastic performance. Players can also acquire a high shot speed with weak attack. It integrates flexibly rubber with gently elastic sponge perfectly. Players can change the technique easily by petty action of the wrist, which makes opponent dificult to judge whether it is a smash or a loop.

The rubber can create strong and changeful spin. With underlying gently elastic spong, players can exert various loop attack. The mixture of tacky rubber and elastic sponge enable players to show great performance like 1 + 1 > 2 .


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