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Classic 032 Blade Limited Edition

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Brand : DHS
Weight : 550 g
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Shakehand FL
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Classic 032 Blade Limited Edition

The production of this product has been stopped!

"DHS 032" is the five layer of wooden ,with three layers basswood and two layers of  lauan collocation.  Lauan wood is hard, rough texture, fiber length, elastic components, relatively heavy, with basswood in the base, the "032" hit not only full of rigidity, and "holding" the feeling is also very good. The classic "032" total thickness close to 7mm, of which two single Lauan wood thickness of each 2.2mm, which determines "congenitally deficient 032" bottom heavy weight. But in the use of traditional near break players, the classic "032" has a very good reputation.

Blade enhances control power while keeping the essential characteristics to be suited to quick-attack plus loop drive.

Fitted play:  Fast and close loop drive.

Type: OFF++

Ply: 5 ply basswood

Weight: FL 90 - 115 (g)       CS  90 - 101(g)


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