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Classic 08 Blade Limited Edition

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Brand : DHS
Weight : 650 g
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Shakehand FL
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Classic 08 Blade Limited Edition

Chinese Best Woman player Deng Yaping Use.

The collection of DHS 08 blade, most of China table tennis legend floor stars on the top of the world in 1960s to eighty years. With more than twenty years of Treasury Board embryo, special traditional wood adhesive and blood lipid. "DHS 08" is the seven layer of basswood floor, for the close table players, is a "transparent" ball sense, feel soft in hard, ball and force are very good performance of the floor. In 90 Deng Yaping's " ruthless, quick and flexible " for table tennis world champion, to near break, the forehand attack eontinuously particularly well, once for many years to maintain women's world ranking the first position, the floor she is the use of " DHS 08 ".

Which adopts special craft and material, can make high power speed; The flying gracefully when ball is moving can deceive the rivals; Players can make power relying on the table's high elasticity and weight to make up for the deficiency of arm strength.

Fitted play:  Fast and close loop drive.

Type: OFF++

Ply: 7 ply basswood

Weight:  FL around 120g  


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