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DHS Goldarc 8

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Brand : DHS
Weight : 100 g
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MED 50 HardMax 47.5 Max 50MED 47.5 Hard
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DHS Goldarc 8

Offensive Non-sticky Highly Elastic Rubber

The rubber surface of Goldarc 8 has great elasticity like a bended bow and enable players produce powerful friction; the big high-density pimple design provide more elasticity and rebound energy, allow players feel great as the ball hit the  surface with minimum effort. The clear sound bring more confidence for players.

Goldarc 8 is an excellent rubber with great power and high speed, creating a lot of tension to the rival in all-round attack. Suitable for both forehand and backhand players.

This highly elastic non-sticky rubber sheet is jointly developed by DHS Development Center and German experts in rubber sheet production in collaboration with the multiple world champions including Wang Liqin and Ma long.


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