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National H3 N0.20 sponge

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National H3 N0.20 sponge

P / N : Custom designed Hurricane 3-20, same sponge as Ma Long used.

Sponge color : Orange

Sponge thickness : 2.1mm

Rubber color : Red

Notice: There is no package, no digital words and numbers printed on the sponge is specific version which is only used in Chinese national team. If you mind it indeed, please do not place an order. Thanks for your understanding.

We acquired limited custom designed Hurricane 3-20 orange sponge from professional teams. Suitable for Backhand. This version is used by Ma Long.

In 40+ T.T. Balls era, most of Chinese national players have changed their BH rubbers to Hurricane 3. The sticky rubber of Hurricane 3 enables players to get more spin in order to offset the shortage due to a heaiver ball. As a high-density #20 sponge made in China, it will be better to use after the oil boosting process. A stronger power and training experiences is required to use this rubber sheet.

Now this rubber sheet has been used by Chinese leading players such as Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Zhou Yu and Xu xin.  Li Xiaodong, Chinese national coach has commentated on a game that after adopting this rubber sheet and W968 specially made blade, Ma Long's Backhand technique has vastly improved!


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