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DHS Provincial version N301 (Letter)

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Brand : DHS
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Chinese Penhold
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2020 Provincial team W968 - Letters

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DHS Provincial version N301 (Letter)

Model : DHS Nation blade N301

Hold type: Penhold / Shanke hand

DHS exclusively National N301 blade, and upgraded version of W968, is adopted an advanced adhesive developed recently to fit for the regulation of 40+ ball. By using it, players could exert more powerful attack and obtain strong support from middle-to-far distances. When launching into a full-scale attack, it forms an unpredictable ball arc after double bounces, causing rivals to feel uncomfortable and leading to high on-table rate. Fiber is embedded in the blade as a trend in the future.

Many players prefer to compare N301 with N656-1: the former one is better for a player to borrow power for opponent's stroke and defense against the rival with a better control. Although integrated of fiber into it, the " hand-feeling " is generally softer than N656-1. You can glue a rubber such as T05 to make it harder. Here are some comparative information:

Push and block: N301 is better than N656-1

Borrowing power to defense: N301 is better than N656-1

Forehand loop: N656-1 is better than N301, making a ball dive downward more violently after double bounces and defensing with difficulty, while the ball arc made by N301 is comparatively lower and flatter.

Defense and hit the ball horizontally for penholder: they both have similar performance.

Return short ball: N301 is better than N656-1

There is a comparatively user-friendly design of DHS that extract fibers from the shoulder of blade in order to conveniently sanding the grip surface.


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